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L’Ecotrail® de Bruxelles / van Brussel soutient le CNCD-11.11.11.  

EcoTrail supports international solidarity, through the individual 80km by donating 5€ for every inscription to the CNCD-11.11.11. The CNCD 11.11.11 (National Centre of International Cooperation) fights for a fair balance between the North and the South and funds every year over 50 development projects carried out by its members associations in the world poorest regions. The theme of social protection is being put forward for two years in a row through awareness-raising, advocacy and fundraising actions. Get sponsored for the South projects 11.11.11!



Ecotrail de Bruxelles/Ecotrail van Brussel supports UNICEF

 “Supporting charities goes hand in hand with our ambition to promote health and to play an active role in our community”, says Ghislaine De Drijver (speaker for the ASBL Sport et Santé). The partnership was extended with the Ecotrail de Bruxelles/van Brussel.

The upcoming 2017 edition will boost our charitable contributions: “For each enrollment in the 18km Duo race we will grant a 2 euro donation to UNICEF. For all registrations via UNICEF on the 5 other distances - 80 km, 80RunBikeBike, 42km Marathon, 18 individual and the 9 km – the organizers of the Ecotrail grant 2 € of the subscription fee to UNICEF. We are proud of this partnership.

Come and join us for a walk or a run on September 9 throughout all the greenery that Brussels has to offer.
This year we will support the malnutrition campaigns of UNICEF.
Are you ready to run for UNICEF? Please contact Sonja Abeels  sabeels@unicef.be 02 230 59 70