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Mile stones


1/ Horse racetrack of Watermael-Boisfort
For the longest time, this was the sole horse racetrack located in Brussels. Today it hosts a mid-size golf course attracting sports lovers from and around the Brussels region.

2/ Butte du Lion
This monument was erected in 1826 by Willem 1st of the Low-Lands at the very site where his son, Prince Frédéric of Orange-Nassau, was wounded. It is a symbol of the victory of allied armies as well as the Prussian army over France. You will note that the mouth of the lion aims towards France. Its paw rests on a cannonball and symbolizes the hard-won peace that ensued for all of Europe.

3/ Forêt de Soignes
This wood preserve is 11.000 acres big (4500 hectares) and accounts for one of the largest wood surrounding a main city in all of Europe. It consists mainly of beeches.

4/ Château-fort of Beersel
This castle dates back to the early XIVth Century. It was built to protect Brussels and is now one of the last remnants of Middle-age military architecture in Belgium.

5/ Pajottenland
Front the site of Erasme, the course of the trail follows the Green Pathway and surrounding pathways in the Pajottenland.

6/ Town Hall of Dilbeek
This building shows influence by the Romanesque style, but also by the gothic and Renaissance architecture. This old fortress was reconstructed in 1863 and is like no other thanks to this pot-pourri of styles and influences.

7/ The Atomium
This architectural work was erected to celebrate the World Fair of 1958. Contrary to the legend, the nine balls do not stand for the nine provinces of Belgium, but the nine atoms of a molecule of iron cristal. Back in 1958, this field of research was booming. The runners enrolled in the 80km will have the privilege to climb up to the first ball thru the exterior stairs.