Our partners

Fee: by 18 euros by pre-enrolment (open till 1/9) and 20 euros the D-day

This fee allows participation to the race, plus:

  • After race soup/bread/fruit/softdrink
  • Water/Snack stations.
  • a partner tee(only for pre-registered)

Two months before event, registration pay back is not more possible.

Zatopek subscriber’s discount (-4 or -2€) non-cumulative
Zatopek subscribers benefit from a 4€ discount on the 21km distance and 2€ discount on the 10km distance. Beware that this discount has to be claimed at the time of enrolling to the race by stating your subscription number. No discount on the day of the race.

Run in Brussels
The 21km is part of the challenge.

Free Tee-shirt
A complimentary welcome tee-shirt will be distributed to all early birds adults. Pre-registered and pre-paid group participants can opt to receive their T-shirts several days prior to the race. We will also honor requests for a logo, a message or a name to be printed on the T-shirts (i.e. name of company or charity).

On-line group registration
Possible through online form.