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Mandatory equipment

  • Minimum 1.5 liter water supply,
  • Food supplies
  • A personal cup 15cl minimum (not counting flasks),
  • Headlight in good condition with replacement batteries,
  • Reflective armband,
  • Survival blanket,
  • Mobile phone (enter the emergency numbers provided by the organizers in your directory, do not hide number and do not depart the race without making sure the phone batteries are fully charged)
  • ID documents.

Strongly recommended equipment

  • Cap, bandana or bonnet
  • Leggings or tights (at a minimum a garment that covers below the knee)
  • Warm clothing recommended in case of cold weather forecast
  • 20€ in notes and coins to face any unforeseen event
  • Rainproof jacket in case of wet weather conditions
  • Replacement socks,
  • Change (tee-shirt) of clothing, vaseline or anti-overheating cream,
  • Adhesive elastic band enabling you to make a bandage or strap (mini 80cm x 3 cm).

Be warned

Any runner not in possession, during a control along the course, of the totality of his/her mandatory material will be immediately disqualified.